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harry styles is gonna make a real life baby one day a tiny lil human baby made by harry styles he’s gonna have his own miNI HARRY STYEL>s

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FRIENDS ROMANS COUNTRYMEN. Lend me your ears, if you will, for a hot min.

I’m always asked for fic recs and I always feel terribly for having very few. BUT. Something happened today that made me over-the-moon excited about being on 1dff, and that is that my pal, Luca, has published her fic :)

I know that many of you were on JBFA as well, so you will probably remember Loose by the pen name

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Seriously I’m so upset about teenage dirtbag but at the same time if they had done it at my concert I would’ve heard the opening chords and the bored judgy dad standing next to me would have called 911 because I would just be dead

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