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  Anonymous: let's appreciate how, even though this is so clearly suki and bradley, it's also SO easily fitz and harry in awkward tick when he is hungover and helping her study *heart eyes* menta-verde(.)tumblr(.)com/post/98049240826/freesiafaces-witchess-glittorous


STUDYING BUNNIES. Let’s talk about it.

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butt slap | san antonio
  • Niall: *shoe laces are untied*
  • Harry: oh no your shoe laces are untied!
  • Niall: oh I —
  • Harry: let me tie them for you
  • Niall: no I can —
  • Harry: *ties shoe laces*
  • Harry: we don't want you to trip and hurt your pretty little face now do we?
  • Niall:
  • Harry:
  • Niall:
  • Harry: *kisses Niall's shoe*
  • Niall: you're an idiot
  • Harry: but I'm your idiot
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